Ultra Lock – An App Lock For Smarter People

Ultra Lock

Description –

Are you a victim of shoulder surfing? Does your friend, family or colleague often guess your app lock pattern, pin or password? Do you find hard to set unique pin every time? If the answer for any of the above question is yes then you have landed in the right place. We have an application called Ultra Lock which is a tool, solely made for the smarter people like us & which is offered by Mirage Stacks – an android developer.

Ultra Lock offers many features like pin generation, application usage data, time-based lock, Wi-Fi-based lock, intruder alert & etc.

Ultra Lock Pin Generation Features –

Ultra Lock

Hours & Minutes Pin – This feature automatically generates pin according to the current time in your Smartphone. For example, if the time is 12:00 AM on your Smartphone then the pin will set to 1200. Most importantly, as the time passes, the pin will update automatically to match the current time and you don’t have to change it manually.

Date & Month Pin – This feature is similar to Hours & Minutes Pin but differs in a unit of time. Here, pin generated is as per the current date & month (DD/MM format). Your pin will generate as 2007 if the current date is 20-07-2018 and it will automatically change every day.

Battery Pin – This feature records your current battery percentage and sets the pin according to it. For example, if the battery percentage in your Smartphone is 45% then it will set your pin as 4545.

There are some more pin combination features in this application which I will let you find out by downloading the application.

If you have made your way to this line then I will suggest you to try FrontFlash Notification – A blinking android application which makes your front flash to act as LED notification.

Now, continuing to the part where we left. Ultra Lock app also offers some exciting features which are as follows –

Ultra Lock Other Features –

Ultra Lock

  • Last app usage – It shows the last used time of an app. The Message is shown in-app as well as in small notification.
  • Time-Based Lock – It allows you to lock a set of applications for a certain time period such as between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.
  • Wi-Fi Based Lock – It allows you to lock a list of selected app depending upon connected Wi-Fi. For example, it will lock your chosen app when you connect to an office Wi-Fi and unlock it when you disconnect from it.
  • Intruder Detection – This feature silently captures the photo from your front camera if you enter wrong pin/pattern and notifies you when you unlock any app next time.
  • Photo & Video Vault – A place to put your private photo & video which can’t be seen in file manager & Gallery.
  • And more – Which I will let you explore by downloading the application.

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Ultra Lock Requirements –

  • Android 4.1 and up

Links –

Finally, you can download this awesome app from Google Play Store or can take some more time to browse our apps list:

Ultra Lock



That’s all for now. In case you have any queries regarding this application, please reach me out via contact us form.





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Hi, I'm Saif Ahmed, who has newly stepped into the world of blogging to help people to get moved with the trending applications in the era of Android.

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Hi, I'm Saif Ahmed, who has newly stepped into the world of blogging to help people to get moved with the trending applications in the era of Android.