Recipe Book: Recipes & Shopping List

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Recipe Book: Recipes & Shopping List

Today, I am going to share an app for one of the most interesting niches i.e. cooking.  Who doesn’t love cooking? Every 1 member out of 5 is a cook in their home. Moreover, preparing delicious dishes is just not the beauty of a cook or a chef. Rather, spreading the recipes of it conveys the love to the people. So, here I am sharing an application named, Recipe Book, which will take your cooking experience to the next level.

Description –

Recipe Book

Recipe Book is an application which is packed with many features such as finding a recipe from the widest range of recipes from all around the world, finding a recipe with the ingredient in your kitchen & finding all recipes which can be created with a given one or more ingredients, with the Shake n Make feature.

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Now, let’s proceed with the features of the Recipe Book app.

Features –

Recipe Book

  • Search recipes on a go – Recipe Book provide easy search option for recipes. The app comes with Shake ‘N’ Make feature where users can find their recipe by just selecting the ingredient from the ingredients list and Snap ‘N’ Cook feature where users can also snap the picture of an ingredient & can see the recipe recommendations popped out in the list.
  • Widest range of recipes at one place – Recipe Book binds the range of recipes at one place. Be it an Indian recipe or foreign recipe, you will get your favorites in this app.
  • User-friendly platform – This feature covers this app all way around. Recipe Book platform is also a place where a user can like, share, follow & rate a recipe & help other users in finding new recipes and techniques in just a few steps.
  • Active Contests – This app always have an active recipe competition running. Participate with your recipes and win exciting prizes. The contest is open for all. Check the contest info here.
  • Trending recipes – Find recipes easily for an ingredient which is widely used around the world. For example, you will find numerous versions of chicken recipes. The app also categorizes recipes as per an occasion or event. For example, you will get recipes listed for Halloween, Easter etc.

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Requirements –

  • Android 4.2 and up

Version & Change logs –

  • – Participate in recipe Quiz and win exciting prizes!

Links –

Finally, you can download this awesome app from Google Play Store or can take some more time to browse our apps list:

Recipe Book



That’s all for now. In case you have any queries regarding this application, please reach me out via the contact us form.

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Hi, I'm Saif Ahmed, who has newly stepped into the world of blogging to help people to get moved with the trending applications in the era of Android.

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Hi, I'm Saif Ahmed, who has newly stepped into the world of blogging to help people to get moved with the trending applications in the era of Android.