Last Day on Earth Survival (LDOE)

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Last Day on Earth Survival

Description –

This gamel takes you in the year 2027: set in a post apocalyptic world where an unknown infection has destroyed almost all human races. Above all, the ones who died have started turning into zombies. While others also known as survivors, were fighting with that infection to survive in that world. Thus it is a survival game full of action. This gamel is offered by Kefir! on both Android and iOS platform.

Game-play –

The game begins with a survivor whom you have to control. Your primary task is to take care of your survivor by checking his stats such as hunger & thirst. Always make sure to have food & drinks in stock to help your character to survive in extreme situation. Similarly, as a survivor, you have to gather necessary items & various resources for crafting, creating weapons & making objects in this game. For reach action you will gain experience for levelling up.

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Moving back to the topic, once you level up, you will unlock certain items and points to make blueprint of an object. So, I recommend you to unlock only necessary & handy items. Most noteworthy, don’t forget that your job is not to gather resources or keep your character fit but to survive those infected humans who have turned into zombies.

Last Day on Earth Survival

Side Features –

Similarly, there will be intruders (a.k.a survivors – other players) who will be roaming on your plot, looking for opportunities to loot your stocked items. So make sure to protect your base by upgrading the walls, putting various traps & etc at regular intervals. Likewise you can raid their land as well for various resources, loots & etc.

There are so many places to visit in this game. But, those places vary in difficulty. The more difficult the place you visit, the more rare item you will get. Therefore, always carry a well-stocked list of items when you leave your home in search of food, resources or items.

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Sticking back on the topic, as you make progress, you will get in-game events to find rare items which can be either used directly or can be exchanged with the dealer for another item.

Upgrade your character, build & protect your home, hunt animals & zombies, loot territories & much more. As a result, this game gives you a taste of action & survival.

Requirements –

  • Android 4.1 and up
  • Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Links –

Finally, you can download this awesome game from Google Play Store & App Store:

Last Day on Earth SurvivalLast Day on Earth Survival



That’s all for now. In case you have any queries regarding this game, please reach me out via contact us form.

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Hi, I'm Saif Ahmed, who has newly stepped into the world of blogging to help people to get moved with the trending applications in the era of Android.

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Hi, I'm Saif Ahmed, who has newly stepped into the world of blogging to help people to get moved with the trending applications in the era of Android.