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Google Opinion Rewards

Description –

Are you a victim of installing & landing to fake apps which don’t pay you back or values your hard work? Have you got bored of old referring & earning tradition? Are you finding a simpler way of earning credits? If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘Yes’, then you have come to the right place. Today, I’m going to share you a trending app which not only rewards your credit but also saves your time without relying on others like we used to do in ‘Refer & Earn’ campaign. We are talking about an app called Google Opinion Rewards. This app is made by Google Surveys team with a purpose to reward people for filling small surveys.

Google Opinion Rewards

As for the name itself, Google Opinion Rewards gives you credit for answering simple questions. You will earn credits in the form of Google Play Credits which can be redeemed in the Google Play Store. Surveys are sent to your phone once or twice in a week with 4-5 questions and after completing it you will receive up to ₹ 32.50 as a Play Credit.

How does it work?

After downloading & installing the app, Google will ask you to set up the app with your Google account & your currency type. Once you are done, you will get a test survey where you will be asked few questions for which you will not receive any rewards. Don’t get sad yet as they will surprise you on the next day. So, on the next day, you will get a notification from Google Opinion Rewards to fill out a survey and this time they will reward you with real Google Play Credits.

Google Opinion Rewards

Yay! Your first reward goes right into the Google Play Credit. Similarly, you will get small surveys once or twice in a week and for which will be rewarded after completing them. Isn’t it so simple and less time-consuming?

Hey! Wait, are you looking to protect this app from people who can fill wrong surveys on your behalf? If yes, then we have an app called, Smart Lock which will serve the purpose of protecting it from unauthorized people.

Things you can’t do!

Now, I know with your cunning mind you would be thinking of making or using your several Google accounts to earn play credits. But, my friend, Google is a big company and it can’t be fooled so easily. Furthermore, you can’t use a 3rd party app to get rewards by cloning Google Opinion Rewards. So it’s better to be happy with sticking with one Google account and keep them collecting for awesome deals on Google Play Protect.

Requirements –

  • Android 4.1 and up

Links –

You can download this awesome app from Google Play Store:

Google Opinion Rewards



That’s all for now. In case you have any queries regarding this application, please reach me out via contact us form. Also, don’t forget to subscribe for the latest and trending apps by filling out the form seen in the side-widget.

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Hi, I'm Saif Ahmed, who has newly stepped into the world of blogging to help people to get moved with the trending applications in the era of Android.

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Hi, I'm Saif Ahmed, who has newly stepped into the world of blogging to help people to get moved with the trending applications in the era of Android.